Welcome to Neil Goodwill, Entrepreneurship blog. This blog is for everyone interested in entrepreneurship in business as well as people who are problem solvers.

The main premise here is that entrepreneurship is a skill that everyone has and at it’s core is the ability to find solutions to problems faced by others. Some solutions may lead to businesses while others may lead to social movements, non-profits, or even neighborhood clubs, etc’. So if you are inclined to find solutions and spread them for the benefits of others, this blog is for you.

Who am I, you ask?

Well, My real name is Nir (which means: building the promise of a legacy) Tuv (which means goodness or goodwill), so I figured that the english adaptation of my name would probably be Neil Goodwill and I would describe myself as Entrepreneurship Instigator. I study entrepreneurship mostly in the context of business and this blog is an attempt to bring my lessons to life and share what I learn with other likeminded people. I hope you enjoy it.