Hi there, my name is… you guessed it- Neil, and I am a scholar of entrepreneurship. Sometimes, I like to describe myself as Entrepreneurship Instigator. You see, I believe that we are all born entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurship is a very important life skill. My hope is that in sharing the lessons of my ongoing study of the subject, I will be able to offer some value to readers like you and learn something in the process.

To clarify my starting point, I want to suggest the following 2 questions:
1. What is Entrepreneurship and who would be considered an entrepreneur? and
2. Why is it  important?

There are many definitions for the term entrepreneurship. Most commonly, it is referred to as the act of undertaking a new business venture, that it involves risk and innovation and management and leadership and a lot of other staff. However, I would like to offer my take on entrepreneurship as a skill. Namely, that it is a skill that you can develop and master and it involves: identifying problems, finding solutions, systemizing the solutions and spreading them in and across communities. This definition allows for anyone to be an entrepreneur whether you are starting up a company, or you are spearheading a new sustainability program at your office, or even if you are a single mom who is starting a local club that helps other single moms handle the challenge of caring for their families on their own. It is worth pointing out that the adoption of your solution by others is key to this definition.

Next, Entrepreneurship is an important skill to have because at its core it’s about solving problems and helping others with their problems. nuff said! (more on this in a subsequent post).

So, what I hope to do is first, to convince you that entrepreneurship is a worthwhile skill to acquire. And second, to provide you with information, ideas, tips and resources on how to actually go about it.

Much of my discussion will be devoted to starting up a business and the challenges that face the business entrepreneur. As well, because I am located in Vancouver, BC, the majority of my examples and resources will probably be from that region. I invite you to share information and examples outside of the business world and from different regions in the world.

On that note, I hope that you will enjoy the content that I offer and receive value from this blog. Let’s get started…